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Instagram: Elk tartar. #LoveSVFood

Il mio Instagram


Instagram: Date night :)

Il mio Instagram

Instagram: Ribs over Trail Creek. Yum! #LoveSVFood. Can I eat them next time Matt??

Il mio Instagram

Rose embarks on a lifetime of eating

My first taste of food

I’ve started a new Page on my Blog, dedicated to Rose’s journey into food – check it out here

And we’re back…!


Yes, it has been a while since I blogged, but beginning my second foray into motherhood seemed as good a time as any to jump back in. So here she is, Rose Susannah Tuohy, born January 18, 2011. This picture was taken today and is the first time she’s smiled for the camera. In fact smiling has just started to become a major weapon in her arsenal in the last few days. Anyway, lots more about her later, just wanted to get the ball rolling!


Apologies dear blog, I have been terribly neglectful of late. I have my reasons, but my new resolve is to update more often but with little short, sharp blasts, streams of consciousness if you will. My new toy, an ipod touch, will be my complicit companion (i’m writing this post on it). So forgive the absence, and watch this space …

A Fireman for Halloween

Just like daddy

Now what?

Fruits from the Garden and other Fall Faves

Final fruits from my garden

Enjoying the final days of fall

Just in time!

Finding fun indoors

'cos outdoors sucks!

Sheep say "baaa"

What do Owens say?

Fun for all ages in Mackay



A New Home

Welcome to the new home of An Idaho Mum.
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Isnt he a cheeky chappy?

Welcome to our new home!