A Talented Tuohy

Owen has had lots of time to nurture some of his burgeoning talents on his trip to England.

Here he is playing tennis, definitely one of his favorite activities – although he recently discovered Cricket which, fascinatingly, captured his attention.


While his art skills currently consist of smushing all the colors together until they come out vaguely brown, Turnbulls, the local gourmet shop, clearly felt his talent shone through. The artwork he produced at the local Shaftesbury Feastival was displayed front and center in Turnbull’s High Street window. Owen, as you can see from the picture, was deeply unimpressed by this exposure however!




A Few English Firsts

Owen and I went to check out one of the local playgrounds on Monday. From a distance it looked spectacular, but up close it became clear that this was one of those playgrounds designed by a fabulous architect who had no idea how to play in a playground. We couldn’t for the life of us figure out what we were supposed to do.


Growing up in Idaho where – between traveling everywhere by car and most precipitation being snow – my son has never really been ‘out in the rain’ and as such has never used an umbrella. So he has been captivated by the object, and I think really rather hopes it will be raining when he goes on his morning walks to get the paper with grandpa.


Rose got a pleasant surprise at bath time on Sunday. This contraption is called a tummy tub (http://www.tummytub.co.uk/about.html) and was sourced for us by my lovely aunt. It is really quite ingenious and is designed for use from birth. The idea is the baby can sit comfortably in it in the fetal position. I think my giant baby is already slightly outgrowing it, but she certainly enjoyed it.


For Daddy Day 17


Sibling love/rivalry! Owen and Rose both had fun in the pool today, Owen has started to gain some confidence, even ‘going under’, and Rose seemed to quite enjoy the new experience, at least she didn’t scream bloody murder as Owen did the first time we put him in a pool.

For Daddy Day 13


Owen has hit a tough time, a term best described as The Terrible Threes – so I can't get a smile out of him for love nor money (but a jelly bean might swing it). Rose on the other hand is making up for his lack of smiles and gifting us with many of hers, I'm just not quick enough to get them on camera.