London, Continued…

The glamorous Jo, sitting at a train station - not a trace of a hangover!
Lunch with Nadia and her rapidly expanding fabulous clan in Chiswick
Jo, Nadia and bump enjoy the Chiswick lunchtime air
Walking to work with Jo over Battersea Bridge - wish I could walk to work through the best city in the world...
Soaking up the city
Spending mummy-time with the lovely Lyra and her Hannah
Fabulous lunch with Aunty A at the swanky Bibendum - yumyum
Glam Gals hit Soho House (wetter than a drowned rat)
Glam Mummies, Charlotte & Hannah, hit Westfield...

... and Prada, darling.

Oh look - they have wolves here too.
More fabulous ladies, Chloe Fox & Naomi West, setting Herne Hill on fire!
Bevy of Beautiful Babes at Kensington Roof Gardens - Rozzi, Hannah, Ruth (+bump), Henrie, Nadia (+bump), Jenni (me) and Jo.

Super Glam!

Is there such a thing as to much fun? Not bloody likely... thanks ladies for a fabulous week.

London, London, London, Baby!

Friday, Sept. 11, 2009

London Baby!
London Baby!

Flew into London Friday afternoon. Parents met me at Heathrow and took me for alovely lunch and glass of Rose at Chez Gerard in Cobham, Surrey. Headed to Emma and Owen’s pad in Cobham and hung out with Owen and my folks for some tea and biscuits. Lovely to be home.

The lovely Emma
The lovely Emma

Emma arrived back from work and we had some fun going through old photos and letters from Uni my parents had brought with them.

Said farewell to the ‘rents and headed out for yummy dinner at the Black Swan gastro pub in Ockham. English Lamb, mmmmmm.

Saturday, Sept. 12

Woke at a normal hour thankfully (I heart Nyquil) and had a breakfast of Owen’s home made bread and marmite. Watched some rugby with him before he headed off to play some. Emma stirred and we had a lovely afternoon catching up and eating courgette rissotto grow at their own allotment (the veggies that is not the rice). After a stroll and a coffee in Cobham-town I hit the rails to head into London-town.

JoJo was waiting for me at her lovely pad on Battersea Park Road and we glammed up and hit the town (well the bar ’round the corner). Cocktails and dancing kept us going ’till 2 am (I LOVE jetlag). Ran into a few old school mates which was a nice surprise.

A Night on the Town
A Night on the Town

Sunday, Sept. 13

A late start (out of bed at midday) and a quick wash before hopping on a train to Chiswick to see Nadia and her lovely brood. A yummy home-cooked meal, bottle of wine and lots of girl-chat = perfect Sunday afternoon. Now home in Battersea awaiting my 4th home-cooked meal of my trip so far – lucky me.

Nadia, Jonas and No. 3
Nadia, Jonas and No. 3

Jojo cosies up to Jojo and Elia
Jojo cosies up to Jojo and Eli

Time to ‘fess up…

I tried, god knows I tried. I picked up the book three or four times in various airports across the globe, but made myself put it down. I’m not 14, I told myself. I don’t fancy Robert Pattinson (great surname by the way), and judging by the freaks I saw at a Portland bookstore the night of the release of the 4th book, I really did not want to be a Twilight fan. Plus, I should be reading intellectual, intelligent books – if I ever actually have the time to read a book again. So, I picked up my battered Pride & Prejudice and boarded the plan, Twilight-less (in retrospect, it is hilarious that I thought I’d be able to read a book on a transatlantic flight with a six-month old.)

But, as summer took its sweet, lazy time arriving in Idaho this year, I rented the movie. I was hooked. I read all three books in under a week and am trying my hardest to hold off on the finale until my camping trip this August through Oregon – a hop, skip and a jump from Washington where the saga is set (that and I hear it’s a real let down, so I want to savor the dark, fluffy world of Forks a few weeks longer.)

Anyway, just saw the trailer for the second movie, apart from the fact the wolf looks like a slightly scarier version of Stanley, I’ll be there – minus the fake blood and bad hair. This is a girl who owns the entire series of Buffy on DVD after all.


My only reason to wish summer would fly by…