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Instagram: Hanging with grandpa #sanfranbaby

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Instagram: Reason to celebrate in the Tuohy household!

Il mio Instagram

A Day Out In Frome

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A lovely afternoon was spent with Great Aunt Alix and soon-to-be Great Uncle James (the wedding’s later this month) in their hometown of Frome.

A Very British Beach Day Out

Beach Boy

A game of jai lai with Aunty Alix

A classic English beach hut... people wait decades for one of these!

"Too cold!"

A tentative touch

I'll go if you go...

“This ain’t Florida!”

A Pirate Ship in Bournemouth

All bundled up

The Long Walk Home...

...with some help!

A lovely day visiting Great Aunt Alix at Southbourne Beach in Dorset. The British weather complied, we had lots of sun and lots of wind. I think Owen found this a very different experience from the beach at Saint Augustine, Florida, but certainly an enjoyable one.

A Fireman for Halloween

Just like daddy

Now what?

Fruits from the Garden and other Fall Faves

Final fruits from my garden

Enjoying the final days of fall

Just in time!

Finding fun indoors

'cos outdoors sucks!

Sheep say "baaa"

What do Owens say?

Fun for all ages in Mackay



A visit from an old friend

Sally & Owen at Silver Creek

My “Godmother” (my godfather’s wife), Sally Hornvedt dropped in on us in October on her way to a dude ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was lovely to catch up with her and have her meet Owen. She is a friend of my dad from Uni days and it was fun hearing some “wild tales” from his days at Sussex University!

Jenni & Owen at Silver Creek


London, London, London, Baby!

Friday, Sept. 11, 2009

London Baby!

London Baby!

Flew into London Friday afternoon. Parents met me at Heathrow and took me for alovely lunch and glass of Rose at Chez Gerard in Cobham, Surrey. Headed to Emma and Owen’s pad in Cobham and hung out with Owen and my folks for some tea and biscuits. Lovely to be home.

The lovely Emma

The lovely Emma

Emma arrived back from work and we had some fun going through old photos and letters from Uni my parents had brought with them.

Said farewell to the ‘rents and headed out for yummy dinner at the Black Swan gastro pub in Ockham. English Lamb, mmmmmm.

Saturday, Sept. 12

Woke at a normal hour thankfully (I heart Nyquil) and had a breakfast of Owen’s home made bread and marmite. Watched some rugby with him before he headed off to play some. Emma stirred and we had a lovely afternoon catching up and eating courgette rissotto grow at their own allotment (the veggies that is not the rice). After a stroll and a coffee in Cobham-town I hit the rails to head into London-town.

JoJo was waiting for me at her lovely pad on Battersea Park Road and we glammed up and hit the town (well the bar ’round the corner). Cocktails and dancing kept us going ’till 2 am (I LOVE jetlag). Ran into a few old school mates which was a nice surprise.

A Night on the Town

A Night on the Town

Sunday, Sept. 13

A late start (out of bed at midday) and a quick wash before hopping on a train to Chiswick to see Nadia and her lovely brood. A yummy home-cooked meal, bottle of wine and lots of girl-chat = perfect Sunday afternoon. Now home in Battersea awaiting my 4th home-cooked meal of my trip so far – lucky me.

Nadia, Jonas and No. 3

Nadia, Jonas and No. 3

Jojo cosies up to Jojo and Elia

Jojo cosies up to Jojo and Eli

Beautiful Babies!

My lovely cousin, Aimee, and her hubby, Hill, gave birth to two beautiful girls last week – Margaret Elliot and Elizabeth Reynolds.

Brent & Libby’s wedding

The Bride

The Bride

The Groom

The Groom

The Tuohys and Grandma

The Tuohys and Grandma

For more pictures from the wedding weekend click below

Brent & Libby’s Wedding, June 09