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A King for a Day

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On the advice of my good friend Chloe, we took Owen to the nearby Old Wardour Castle, the location used for early scenes in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. She had recommended it as a great place for a 3-year-old to run free with little worry about disturbing others, and it was perfect. Owen had a blast, accessorized by a nifty foam sword we picked up at the gift store. He loved pretending to a be a King defending the castle. We’ll be back!

A Very British Beach Day Out

Beach Boy
A game of jai lai with Aunty Alix
A classic English beach hut... people wait decades for one of these!
"Too cold!"
A tentative touch
I'll go if you go...
“This ain’t Florida!”
A Pirate Ship in Bournemouth
All bundled up
The Long Walk Home...
...with some help!

A lovely day visiting Great Aunt Alix at Southbourne Beach in Dorset. The British weather complied, we had lots of sun and lots of wind. I think Owen found this a very different experience from the beach at Saint Augustine, Florida, but certainly an enjoyable one.

More London

Pictures from our various trips to London over the past few weeks can be found here on my Facebook page. This one was from a quick jaunt to The Natural History Museum, we had an hour to kill and I had mentioned Dinosaurs and so was now committed… Sadly, Owen was overwhelmed by the spectacle of actual dinosaur skeletons, becoming too scared to go into the exhibit (even with me trying to comfort him by carrying him, while I had Rose in a carrier). But we’ll try again next time!

The Mummy-Mobile

Rose and I had a delightful girls weekend in Bristol and London, all – rather impressively if I do say so myself – done via public transport. Here’s how we coped with trains and buses and lots and lots of walking!

Rose and Mummy do London in style

We had a lovely time, starting with a train ride from Dorset to Bristol for a night in the swanky Hotel Du Vin, where we spent a fab evening with Jo, Henrie, Cariad, Hannah, Nadia and Sarah. It was the first time we’d all been together in 3 years. It was really nice to catch up and hang out in a group again. Henrie summed it up best in an email to us all following the trip, “I never forget you all, but sometimes I forget how much I love you all.” Pictures from the night here. The next morning it was back on the train, this time to London, where we stayed with Jo in Earlsfield for the weekend before training it back down to Dorset on Monday morning. I love my hometown of London, but it was not designed for baby buggies…

A Talented Tuohy

Owen has had lots of time to nurture some of his burgeoning talents on his trip to England.

Here he is playing tennis, definitely one of his favorite activities – although he recently discovered Cricket which, fascinatingly, captured his attention.


While his art skills currently consist of smushing all the colors together until they come out vaguely brown, Turnbulls, the local gourmet shop, clearly felt his talent shone through. The artwork he produced at the local Shaftesbury Feastival was displayed front and center in Turnbull’s High Street window. Owen, as you can see from the picture, was deeply unimpressed by this exposure however!