Just For Daddy – Day 45

It’s been 45 days since we saw daddy. The good news is, it’s only 32 until we see him again!


Little Rose is becoming a dab hand at shaking and grabbing her toys, her biggest obstacle is a big brother who likes to do the same.



A Few English Firsts

Owen and I went to check out one of the local playgrounds on Monday. From a distance it looked spectacular, but up close it became clear that this was one of those playgrounds designed by a fabulous architect who had no idea how to play in a playground. We couldn’t for the life of us figure out what we were supposed to do.


Growing up in Idaho where – between traveling everywhere by car and most precipitation being snow – my son has never really been ‘out in the rain’ and as such has never used an umbrella. So he has been captivated by the object, and I think really rather hopes it will be raining when he goes on his morning walks to get the paper with grandpa.


Rose got a pleasant surprise at bath time on Sunday. This contraption is called a tummy tub (http://www.tummytub.co.uk/about.html) and was sourced for us by my lovely aunt. It is really quite ingenious and is designed for use from birth. The idea is the baby can sit comfortably in it in the fetal position. I think my giant baby is already slightly outgrowing it, but she certainly enjoyed it.


Rose meets her future husband

Miss Rose Susannah Tuohy and Master Barnaby Ashton had a delightful first date in Shaftesbury, Dorset, Friday, May 6, 2011.



They enjoyed a delightful stroll through town, followed by a snooze over lunch at a scrumptious Italian restaurant then a quick spin through the playground before adjourning to 8 Bimport for some tea.

A Girl and her Bumbo


Rose, at just over 3 and a half months, is excited to sit up and loves her Bumbo. She’s also becoming a dab hand at holding her toys, a technique she started working on a few days before we left Florida. Our other favourite recent development? full-on smiles – all the time!

Allow me a bit of a brag…

Awards Season, 2010…. Last Friday the Sun Valley Guide (of which I’m editor) won its first ever MAGGIE award. In the three years we’ve entered the competition, hosted by the Western Publishing Association (wpa-online.org), we’ve been shortlisted three times, but this is our first win. We were named the best 3-time annual magazine in the whole western US. Pretty cool! Here’s a news story with more details on the win: http://www.mtexpress.com/index2.php?ID=2005136521

In other news … Last night the winners of the Idaho Press Club were announced, the Sun Valley Guide pretty much swept the board once again! We took first place in every category we entered, including General Excellence. I also got two first places for my articles, as well as a 2nd place for newspaper writing and a 2nd place for the new special section I launched, Valley Woman.  Here’s a list of all the awards along with links to the stories:

General Excellence – Magazine

1st Jennifer Tuohy & Tony Barriatua – Sun Valley Guide – Winter 2010/2011 http://www.svguide.com/w11/index.html

Magazine Writing – Serious Feature

1st TIE

Patti Murphy – Sun Valley Magazine – “Idaho Basque Tables”

Jason D. B. Kauffman – Sun Valley Guide – “Born at the Headwaters”http://www.svguide.com/S10/headwaters.html

3rd Jason D. B. Kauffman – Sun Valley Guide – “Hunting: Carving a Path in the New West” http://www.svguide.com/w11/hunting.html

Magazine Writing – Light Feature

1st TIE

Jennifer Tuohy – Sun Valley Guide – “A Barn Reborn”http://www.svguide.com/habitat/web-content/habitat_10/barn.html

Van Gordon Sauter and Jennifer Tuohy – Sun Valley Guide-   “It Happened To Sun Valley” http://www.svguide.com/w11/sunvalley.html

Trevon Milliard – Sun Valley Guide – “7 Days to Sustainable Sustenance” http://www.svguide.com/habitat/web-content/habitat_10/sourceit.html

Magazine Column

1st Van Gordon Sauter – Sun Valley Guide – “The Idaho Bookshelf”http://www.svguide.com/w11/bookshelf.html

Magazine Cover

1st Tony Barriatua – Sun Valley Guide – “Winter 2010/2011”

Light Feature Report – Weekly Print (Newspaper)

1st Trevon Milliard – Idaho Mountain Express – “Night crawlers”

2nd Jennifer Tuohy – Idaho Mountain Express – “‘Whiskey Jacquelyn’ Rises from the Ashes” http://www.mtexpress.com/index2.php?ID=2005130551

Special Section – Weekly Print (Newspaper)

1st Gregory Foley & Staff – Idaho Mountain Express – “4th annual Snow edition”

2nd TIE

Jennifer Tuohy – Idaho Mountain Express – “Valley Women”

Gregory Foley & Staff – Idaho Mountain Express – “Wagon Days 2010”

3rd Gregory Foley & Staff – Idaho Mountain Express – “Happy Holidays 2010”

The full list of winners is here: http://idahopressclub.org/annual-awards/2010-best-of-awards

Well done to everyone who helped make it happen!