For Daddy – Day 26





For Daddy – Day 21

So we skipped a few days in our quests to provide Long-Distance-Daddy with a photo of Rose and Owen each day he’s away from them. It is simply amazing how busy two little ones will keep you. But to make up for it I have a mega video of Rose and her development. This week has been a doozy, with all sorts of firsts in just 5 short days. Warning, this is really only appropriate for immediate family, most others will be bored to tears 🙂

Three Months Old Today


Our big, beautiful girl turned 3 months old today. In honor of the big day we went on a shopping spree at the local consignment store (she’s already outgrown almost all the clothes we brought with us to Florida). As I was sorting through the pile of clothes, my dad said jokingly that I should take a picture of her with all of them to scare Brian with how much money we spent (hardly any! They’re all second hand!). So, I plopped them down next to her and immediately her face broke into a huge, beaming smile. Uh, oh. She’s inherited the shopaholic gene.

She also decided today was a good day for a milestone, and reached out to grab one of the toys on her swing…. They grow up so fast.

For Daddy Day 17


Sibling love/rivalry! Owen and Rose both had fun in the pool today, Owen has started to gain some confidence, even ‘going under’, and Rose seemed to quite enjoy the new experience, at least she didn’t scream bloody murder as Owen did the first time we put him in a pool.