A weekend away from it all

A couples retreat to Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Wiley Coyote goes after some doe
Elk glaore
Hello Mrs Moose

Home on the range

Can we come too?
Doe a deer

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Fruits from the Garden and other Fall Faves

Final fruits from my garden
Enjoying the final days of fall
Just in time!
Finding fun indoors
'cos outdoors sucks!
Sheep say "baaa"
What do Owens say?
Fun for all ages in Mackay

A visit from an old friend

Sally & Owen at Silver Creek

My “Godmother” (my godfather’s wife), Sally Hornvedt dropped in on us in October on her way to a dude ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was lovely to catch up with her and have her meet Owen. She is a friend of my dad from Uni days and it was fun hearing some “wild tales” from his days at Sussex University!

Jenni & Owen at Silver Creek